Prevention is about preventing diseases.

One might say, the most important field of dentistry, because it helps to avoid unnecessary treatment. The oral cavity in adults should be reviewed at least once a year. Children should be checked every six months, the youngest ones every 3 months. During the first visit, oral hygiene instruction will be conducted, and recommendations will be presented, selected individually for each patient.


The absence of teeth and the resulting discomfort, both aesthetic and functional, is one of the most common reasons for starting a comprehensive treatment.

Fortunately, there are many possibilities to restore a beautiful smile. After a thorough examination and case study, the doctor will offer you the best solution. Thanks to cooperation with a modern prosthetic laboratory we are able to cope with even the most difficult cases.

Conservative dentistry

It's a broadly defined treatment for caries.

The aim of the treatment is to restore damaged tooth tissues, but also to prevent the development of pulp inflammation or periapical tissues. Modern dentistry, if only reacts at the right time, often makes it possible to avoid long periods of endodontic treatment. Time is very important in the case of caries, so it is worth to check yourself often.


Root canal treatment involves thorough chemo-mechanical cleaning of canals and the tooth chamber, and then their filling.

To ensure the highest comfort, all treatments are carried out under local anesthesia, while maintaining the maximum delicacy. For mechanical development we use high quality VDV gold contra-angle handpieces and rotary tools, which significantly shortens the time of visit. Diagnostic and control images are taken on the spot without having to leave the chair, and the image appears immediately on the computer screen.

Pediatric dentistry

Contrary to popular myths, baby teeth should be treated.

And it's best not to let them get treated. The first adaptive visit should take place around 18 months of age. It will allow the child to get to know the office, but it is also important for the parent, because the awareness of the guardian plays a key role in maintaining healthy teeth of your children. The visit will present basic education in oral hygiene and dietary habits. Caries occurs in almost 90% of three-year-olds! Our clinic is open to admit young patients and we will do our best to make the visit as stress-free as possible for both the child and the parent.

Teeth whitening

Thanks to the possibilities of modern dentistry, we can easily and safely improve the color, and in consequence, the aesthetics of teeth.

It is important that the whitening is carried out under the supervision of a qualified doctor, because there are some contraindications. During the visit, the doctor will select the appropriate form of tooth color improvement for you.

Dental surgery

Extraction is the last resort, but sometimes tooth extraction is better than leaving it in the mouth.

Significant damage to the cap, as well as to the tooth root, is an indication for its removal. Sometimes there is a need to extract teeth retained in the bone or orthodontic indications. Our doctors are very gentle and understandable. If you need a more serious surgical intervention, an oral and maxillofacial surgery will help you.


Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion.

Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age. Around 7 years of age, an orthodontic consultation should take place in order to detect abnormalities and introduce appropriate prevention or treatment. Malocclusions are reflected in the appearance of the face, and their consequences are asymmetries, deepening of wrinkles or inconsistent profile of the face. Many times orthodontic treatment allows to save teeth from abnormal wear and tear or cracks.